“Supporting African Municipalities in Sustainable Energy Transitions” (SAMSET) is an EPSRC/DFID/DECC-funded project (Grant No. EP/L002620/1) that seeks to develop a knowledge exchange framework for supporting local and national bodies involved in municipal energy planning in the effective transition to sustainable energy use in urban areas. Through close partnering with six cities in three African countries (Ghana, Uganda and South Africa), the project aims to develop an information base from which to support cities, undertake direct support for cities around strategy development and priority initiatives, and facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building.

Research Aims and Objectives

The key research aim is to: “design, test and evaluate a knowledge exchange framework design to more efficiently and effectively support sustainable energy transition in Africa’s Sub-Saharan urban areas”. To achieve this, we have established six key project objectives:

  1. Identify the relevance, transferability and adaptation of the existing body of knowledge on sustainable energy transitions to the Sub Saharan African urban situation
  2. Understand the specific and contextual issues involved in effective implementation of policies relevant to energy transitions in the African urban context,
  3. Clarify how best to facilitate policy and strategy development and implementation through active engagement and support for six partner cities in three Sub Saharan African countries to enable detailed understanding of the complex set of constraints and dynamics in these cities,
  4. To explore knowledge exchange methodologies via inter-city and inter-country network exchanges, specialist inputs and practical lesson exchanges,
  5. To develop knowledge exchange methodologies for facilitating more effective interactions between researchers and practitioners to improve implementation of policy objectives at the city level, and
  6. To disseminate project findings and information beyond the project in Africa and internationally.


This website is an output from a project co-funded by UK aid from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC), for the benefit of developing countries. The views expressed are not necessarily those of DFID, EPSRC or DECC, or any institution partner of the project.

Banner image source: Roger Macfarlane (GIBBS)